Monthly Archives: December 2017

P3 Star Writers! 🌟

Last week’s writing was based on Moz the Monster from the John Lewis advert. The children created their own monster adventure stories!

Braehead Choir!

We thought it would be nice to hear a little taste of our choir singing Christmas Cacophony. Enjoy!    

P5/6 Potato Stories!!

We have been so busy in Literacy recently! First we made some potato people: Then we created character profiles for our potatoes and wrote a short story about them: Then…


We have been busy working on 3D shape. The children were working on different activities to organise, name, make and describe the properties of 3D shape. The children worked so…

P2 in the movies

As promised here is our entry to the Cala Homes Time Capsule Competition.  The children and I all had such a great time creating this so we hope you enjoy…