Amazing Archaeology – A P6 trip!

We visited the University of Aberdeen to learn about Archaeology. We went into the lab and the first thing we saw was a human body! First we had to work out whether it was a man or a woman. We looked at the skull, jaw and hips. We worked out it was a man. We then had to guess how old he was by looking at the teeth. We also found out that he did a lot of heavy lifting and kneeling.  We then looked at animal bones found near his body. We looked at a sheep goat, a cow, a goose, a dog and a pig.  It’s called a sheep goat because they can’t work out whether it’s a sheep or a goat until they have the skull. Lastly we had to work out what he ate, the archaeologist took a bone sample and did that. We discovered he had a diet high in fish. When we pieced all the clues together, we found out the remains were of a 35 year old Friar that lived in Medieval times! His remains were discovered right here, where Marshsial College is.


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Amazing Archeology