The water cycle in the P1/2 classroom.

We put 1 litre of water into the kettle. We boiled it. When it heated up the liquid water changed into a gas (water vapour). This is called evaporation. The steam (water vapour)  went up. When it touched the cooler window it steamed it up like a cloud. This is called condensation. The water vapour had changed back into water (liquid). The water droplets ran down the window just like when the is rain falling down. This is called precipitation.  When we were finished there was only half a litre of water left in the kettle. We talked about how puddles dry up the same way when the sun heats up the water on the ground. Please check out The Water Cycle Song on YouTube. We ran our finger through the condensation and touched our noses to feel if it was really wet. It was liquid water again. Just like magic….Oh no it’s not. It’s science!