Primary 1 learns about the body

The children in Primary 1 have been learning about our body and how it works. We learned how our body moves and explored the different parts of our skeleton. As part of our learning about bones, we had a competition between the girls and boys to see who could work as a team to build a skeleton.  Both teams were very successful.















On Wednesday, we were visited by the Teddybear Hospital. These are student doctors from Aberdeen University who are gaining experience with young children. The pupils participated in three excellent workshops. The first was exploring a feely bag filled with casts, plastic bones, felt body parts and other objects that could be found in a hospital.  The second workshop was set up like a doctor surgery where children had individual consultations about their teddy. The third workshop was set up like a surgery for a teddy to explain what would happen in an operating theatre.




























































This week we have been learning about road safety. We took a walk around the school area to demonstrate our safety skills. We are entering a competition where we have to sing a road safety song and show evidence of our road safety knowledge.