P6 Dancing

For the past four weeks primary six have been dancing in groups of 5.  The core skills for dancing are; flexibility, coordination, balance, control and confidence. Primary six got into groups to perform a dance in front of the P 1’s and P 1/2’s using the song Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. We chose the song because it was dramatic and we loved leaping around!

Our  favourite part was doing our warm ups. If you’re wondering how we did it, the whole class got into a circle and we chose a song to dace to. Someone did their dance move and everyone else had to copy, then they picked someone else to dance. The hardest part was dancing in a group because we had to get the moves right and be in time with each other. The easiest part of dancing in a group was performing the dance in front of the P 1’s and P 2’s because we got rid of all our nerves.

We learnt how to put together a piece of choreography and how to dance in time to the music.

By Taya Watson and Chibudom S’Onu