P6 Maths Week!

P6 maths week

What we have been doing this week?

On Monday we were doing baking and problem solving.

In the baking we had to use different skills such as:

  • Weighing
  • Multiplying
  • Fractions

In the problem solving part of our baking on Monday we had to do:

  • Money work
  • Division
  • Multiplying
  • And subtraction.

We all had to work together to solve all the questions.

Tuesday maths squares!

On Tuesday we were doing maths squares. In the maths squares we had to do the trial and error method.

On Wednesday and Thursday we did something called mad measure.

In mad measure we had to go outside and measure 10 things with a non standard unit of measure (water bottle, pencil etc.)


During mad measure we had to do things such as:

  • Measure
  • Addition
  • Multiplying
  • Subtraction
  • Division
  • Decimals


We had to work in groups to solve the problem to the questions. We have been really busy this week and everyone has enjoyed themselves. We learnt we need to improve the way we approach problem solving tasks – and remember to apply the skills we already have!

by Aaron Bisset and Lucy Niven.