P5/6 celebrates Roald Dahl Day

A very happy birthday to Roald Dahl! P5/6 dressed with a hint of a Roald Dahl character to celebrate all the fantastic enjoyment we get from his books. We have had a very cross curricular day with Music (an alphabet song from Matilda the Musical), Maths (dividing up all the party food we ate today – Yum! And data handling, working out how many Matildas, Dannies and Charlies we had!), Writing (we invented a new Roald Dahl character and wrote a short adventure for it) and History as we watched Puffin Virtually Live where we were shown around the Roald Dahl museum online!

All of the above activities and more help to encourage children to delve into the world of books where they can, with a little imagination, be transported off on new adventures just like Matilda!