P1 News

This week the children had a session with Adventure Aberdeen where they got to use a selection of different kinds of bikes.  They had great fun scooting around and it was fantastic to see their confidence grow as the session went on.













We have been continuing to learn about caring for the environment. We learned about water pollution using the story of Freddie Fish.  Each group had a sponge shaped fish in lovely clear water.  Mrs Low read a story about how different things such as litter, oil, and waste ended up in our water.  Each time we heard about something dirty going in the water, we had to add something to the fish.  For example, for oil we put in syrup, for litter we put in bits of paper.  It helped us to see the effect of pollution on the sea.














We showcased our learning about how we can all do our part to look after Planet Earth by creating a wreath of reminders such as don’t drop litter, switch things off when we are not using them, don’t waste water and recycle.