P7 Abernethy Trip

Primary 7 set off on their residential trip to Abernethy near Nethybridge.  We set off on the bus at 9.30am, all very excited! We stopped for a break in Huntley then arrived at the Abernethy centre where we had lunch.

That afternoon we split into 2 groups, one went rock climbing on the indoor wall and the other group had to climb up a really tall tree then absail down the other side. It was really exciting but scary! That night we had a yummy dinner then had free time! We could play football, tennis, ting or visit the shop.

The next day we did skiing in the morning on the dry slope. We learned how to stand up when we fall over, how to walk side-ways up the slope and how to ski and stop. Lots of us fell over but it was good fun! The funniest bit was when we tried to use the ski lift-it’s harder to use than you think!

In the afternoon we did raft building. The class split in to 2 teams to build 2 rafts. After we had built them we had to test them on the water and then we did some races-quite a lot of us fell in! The good news is our rafts didn’t sink!

On Thursday, we did the zip line and the silver maze.  The zip line was really and we got to go super fast! Some of us found it scary but once you were on it it was great! The silver maze was like crystal maze on tv.  We had to work as a team to solve lots of challenges and win the silver ball. Some of us got muddy doing this.  At the start we weren’t good at working together but we were better at listening and sharing ideas at the end.

In the evening we had a barbecue and a wide game.  For the wide game the teachers from all schools had to hide and we split into groups and had to get the teachers signature when we found them.  The only teacher that didn’t get found was Miss McLean!

On Friday it was our last day. We had two activities to do before lunch. Archery was really fun but hard in the wind.  We had to try and hit the middle of the target-only a few managed it! The other activity was canoeing.  We were in twos or threes and got to do lots of games! We got to splash the teachers and they splashed us back! At the end we got to jump in the pond if we wanted-it was freezing!

We had a great time at  Abernethy and would love go back!