P4’s Healthy Snack Swaps

Today Primary 4 were learning about how to have a healthy diet. We looked at the Eatwell plate, and discussed how much of each food type we should have. Then, we took a snack survey.  We were surprised to find out that 17 of us had an unhealthy snack – which doesn’t even feature on the Eatwell plate! Therefore, we set out to learn how to make some healthy snack swaps. We made Guacamole and Raita in groups, and the best bit was we got to try it! Some of us were nervous to try new things, but we were all mature and everyone tried at least one new thing! We tried the homemade Guacamole, Raita and some brought Hummus along with carrot sticks, celery and pitta breads. Lots of us liked the new things we tried, and went for seconds and even thirds! We can’t wait to get the recipes home to have a go ourselves.