P6/7 Making Muffins

We were very lucky that on Thursday the 28th April we had four visitors from John Lewis who came to teach us how to make muffins. We were all very excited!

First we had wash our hands and make sure everything was clean and hygienic. We were  then split into 4 groups and checked we had the correct equipment.

We had to use our skills in measurement to weigh the correct amount of flour, sugar and baking powder.  We also had to measure the correct amount of milk and oil.  We mixed these ingredients together and added an egg and chocolate chips.  When mixing we had to be careful we didn’t mix it to fast or hard otherwise the mixture would not have enough air in it.

We then had to put them in the oven. There was one set-back in that we forgot to pre-heat the oven so they took longer to cook!  Once they eventually cooked we got to eat them-they were so yummy!  We want to say a big thank you to the John Lewis staff who came in to work with us!