First week back for Primary One

This term, Primary One will be learning about Food.  We will explore why we need food and the importance of a balanced diet.

To kick off our project with some fun and to get the children motivated about their learning, the pupils entered the classroom to find some food characters tied up and in danger. There was a note from the evil pea, challenging the class to learn all about food or he would continue to destroy everything.
























Look at our shocked faces!!!





The children created their own superhero characters complete with masks to give them extra power.











We wrote about the main reasons why we need food.  We also discussed how much we enjoy food by writing about our favourite foods and creating a collage of it on a plate.





































The children wrote their own adventures about Supertato, who is a good guy helping us to defeat the evil pea!  We are working hard to remember to put a capital letter at the start of a sentence and to use full stops at the end of a sentence.  They also had fun creating their own Supertato character, using food in Art.















































We learned about food groups by cutting and pasting food into the correct groups.

In Numeracy, we have been learning how to create fact families, using three numbers to create addition and subtraction sums.  We created Fact Family Flowers, putting 2 adding sums and 2 subtraction sums  in each petal.