Monthly Archives: March 2017

Stay and Play Baking (Morning Class)

The children had fun baking and decorating biscuits in preparation for their P1/Nursery Space Picnic. Max, Riley and Roxie enjoyed using lots of different icing colours to decorate their biscuits….

Pancake Maths – a practical way to investigate equivalent fractions!

We used pancakes and toppings today to review fractions and to introduce equivalent fractions. Each person in the group had to choose a different fraction to demonstrate on their pancake…

Stay and Play Baking in Nursery (Afternoon Class)

The afternoon children helped decorate biscuits for the morning nursery and Primary 1 Space picnic. The children had more fun eating the biscuits and icing rather than decorating them!

P1/2 Owl visit photos

Here are the photos from the owl visit. Sorry for the delay. Technical difficulties! Owls included… a barn owl, a snowy owl, a mottled owl, a European eagle owl, an…

Day in the Life of Braehead – Big Spring Clean up!

All the classes took part in the Big Spring Clean up demonstrating their commitment to being responsible citizens! ¬†They made a great contribution to our community.