Monthly Archives: March 2017

Super science in P1 and P1/2

We were making our own lava lamps in science. We had to pour oil into a cup. Then we added the same amount of water. The lighter oil floated on…

P4’s letter writing

Primary 4 have been learning how to write formal letters. After receiving a letter from an alien, we wrote an informative letter back telling Hamish the alien all about Aberdeen….

Primary 2 loves story time!

This week Mr Walker (Stevie-Ray’s dad) came in and read Primary 2 a story all about trolls. ┬áThe children had a fantastic time listening to the story and hearing all…

Another wonderful story read to P1/2 by a mummy.

Thank you Kirsty and Ethan for a lovely story today.

Red Nose Day at Braehead!

Red Nose Day has started off well ┬áthis morning at Braehead! Primary 7 have organised a bake sale and games in the hall for all the classes to attend. Primary…