P4 – Applying our Learning Day!

P4 had a great morning applying their skills and knowledge in different ways.

We practised subtraction and times tables using play live – a class favorite!  We used our knowledge of the planets to create planetary cookies, trying our best to make the biscuits look like the planets and then put them in the correct order.  We applied what we knew about good stories and began to create ‘z’ books – these had to include a theme of friendship and at least two stretched sentences!  We linked out health and well being to technology to begin to create videos or, using Google Slides, show our knowledge of how to support people who were feeling sad, lonely, angry, etc.  We used our skills in maths problem solving to take part in an Easter maths trail around our school – there were two different trails and some boys and girls did both trails because they enjoyed it so much.  Some pupils began to create board games that linked to different areas of the curriculum.  Some of us got so excited just to create a board game, we forgot to make the link to maths, literacy, etc but we will review that next term.  It was a fantastic morning!