Monthly Archives: February 2017

“Eek!” Said the barn owls in P1/2.

Check out the owlets from P1/2. Can you tell who is under each barn owl mask? 

Braehead Values – P4 share their understanding

The P4 class have combined learning about new technologies that allows them to present their learning in creative ways with their understating of our school values.  These are just a…

P 1/2 enjoyed sharing their maths activities.

We liked sharing our number jobs with our families. 

Thanks to Isabel and her mummy for a fantastic story!

Isabel and her mum read us a Julia Donaldson story. It was very funny. We joined in some of the time. Isabel was extremely delighted to have her mum there…

P1 Subtraction Stories

Primary 1 are working on subtraction in Numeracy. Each child drew a picture to show a subtraction sum. In this video, they talk about their learning.