P5 create maths mugs!

P5 have been exploring measuring in litres and millilitres.  They are beginning to build a picture of what a litre, 1/2 litre or 250ml may look like.  The class are beginning to understand that an amount can look quite different depending on the capacity of the container but it will still be the same amount – this is called conservation of measure!

To help us understand a volume we use in our everyday lives, we made maths mugs.  First we discovered how many millilitres the mugs hold (the capacity) and then decided how much liquid we would fill them with if we drank from them.  We linked our mugs to art and as we had spent some time thinking about how important a positive attitude to maths is, on one side we wrote a maths quote and on the other, a liquid measure scale.

Something you could further explore at home – does the volume of water or juice change when it is poured into different containers?