Teaching Others – P5 leading P1/2

This week, P5 have been given an opportunity to plan, organise and deliver, within a group, an interesting activity that they then shared with P1/2 pupils.  This opportunity gave us a chance to become more confident individuals and effective contributors.

To complete this task, P5 had to use these target skills:

  • I can listen to other people’s ideas and help the group agree what needs to be done and who would do what.
  • I can listen to and support everyone in my team so they feel valued and important.

The activities for the P1/2 pupils ranged from a book reading with a treasure map, Lego, Just Dance, a Christmas tree shape scavenger hunt throughout the school, games, beading and coloring, play dough shapes, linked snowmen, Christmas trees and snowflakes, a Christmas quiz and learn some funny Christmas jokes.

It was a very successful morning!