P6/7 Learning Catch up

img_1594 img_1596 img_1639 img_1640 img_1641It has been a busy month in P6/7!  As part of our topic we have created a class island. One of the first things we had to do was elect a Prime Minister so we split into different groups and form political parties. We have learned about how an election runs, how to vote and the importance of not ‘spoiling’ your vote!

We have also used watercolours to paint a senic view from our island and have learned some techniques such as: working from light to dark, splattering, using salt, sponging and blowing with straws!

In our writing we have been writing an imaginative piece based on an island.  Our focus has been to use exciting openers to grab the readers’ attention and include speech to help make our stories more engaging. We are making sure that we punctuate it correctly too!

For maths we have been learning about decimals-how to order, round, multiply, divide, add and subtract. To assess our learning we had to decide how to show what we had learned.  Everyone came up with great ideas! We created games, colour by decimal number, posters, leaflets, power points and even a 20 minute long ‘Decimal Drama’!

We are now practising hard for the Christmas Panto with lots of songs and lines to learn.  We look forward to seeing you there!