Stay and Play Morning Nursery

dsc08519 Owen had lots of fun showing his brother Scott and Mummy the new trains.dsc08520 Jayden got lots of stories read to him by his mummy.dsc08521 Riley enjoyed sharing a story with his mummy.dsc08537 Alex got his mum writing a list in the house corner. dsc08526 Lily and Grandma had fun at the craft table and made a super cat mask.dsc08527 Aston and his Mummy created a great dog mask.
dsc08528 Gordon had fun playing firefighters with his brother James and his mummy.
dsc08529 Leonie enjoyed being in a band with her Mummy. dsc08530 Bethel and his Mummy had fun playing the shopping list game. dsc08522 Sophie’s Mummy ended up getting soaked from the girls and boys havign fun in the water tray!dsc08523 Mark and his Mummy enjoyed making different faces with the play dough. dsc08524Max enjoyed having his Mummy and Aimee into Nursery – they all played together with the farm.