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Am Nursery Hedgehog Hunt

We found some mushrooms.  We know not to eat them because they would make us sick.
We didn’t find any hedgehogs but we made some cosy houses for them

to hibernate in.


Owen found a holly bush which is prickly like a hedge hog.
img_20161027_102322830_hdr img_20161027_100329900

While we were looking for hedgehogs, we found an old campfire in the woods.



P4 Enterprise

Last term Primary 4 raised money for their school trip to a chocolate shop by selling lots of chocolate goodies! We decided to do a Chocolate Tuck to fit in with the theme of our trip and novel study. We started by deciding what things we could make, and then made a list of ingredients. In groups we went out and made lots of different treats such as top hats, chocolate crispies and fruit kebabs. We used a lot of melted chocolate to make our treats but first we discussed the best way to melt it, and how long we thought it might take. We decided breaking the chocolate into smaller pieces would work best, and started off melting it for 1 minute. We loved watching the chocolate melting! Then, to sell our treats, we all had different jobs. We discussed what skills each job would need, and then decided what we thought we would be best at. When we were selling, we had to count up how much everything cost to get the total. Then we had to take the total cost away from how much money the other children gave us to work out how much change they got. Then we had to get the right coins from the till, which was sometimes the trickiest bit. After we had finished selling, we added up all the money we had raised and it came to £82. We had lots of fun and can’t wait to go our school trip! selling-tuck

Real Life Problem Solving!


We have been having fun with linking our Maths skills to real life situations! One group has been using colour in squares as if they are planning how best to tile a floor!

Another group has “visited” Mr Wolf’s DIY shop and has been identifying the costs of building different types of homes for three little pigs and their mother. They have had to use ratios, measure area and use a squared plan just like real architects and project managers.

The final group have been looking at real roller coasters from around the world and have had to use a variety of calculations and data handling skills in order to present different facts.

We will be doing this on a regular basis, so, if you use maths in your line of work and would like to help us, please get in touch!


P7 Absafe Visit

img_0376img_0362img_0354img_0357img_0381On Wednesday, Primary 7 went on a trip to Absafe to help us learn how to stay safe in different situations.  We had a lovely walk down in the sunshine which didn’t take too long and we arrived in good time. We were split into 3 different groups when we got there and each group moved through the learning situations.

The variety of sets showed us different environments and situations we might find ourselves in, for example staying safe near railway lines and staying safe when walking next to roads.  We also learned about fire safety in the home and how to stay safe in the kitchen.  An important skill we learned was how to put someone in the recovery position.

We had a really great day on the trip and learned lots of important life skills.  We had  a quiz at the end of the day –  we got lots of answers right!