Fantastic Factories!

Over the past three weeks, Primary 4 has been working very hard designing and making our Chocolate factories. We received a surprise letter from Willy Wonka asking us to design a new chocolate factory that he is building in Aberdeen. Firstly, we read the brief ensuring we understood all of Wonka’s demands. Then we planned our factories on paper. It took us a couple of weeks but we collected enough cardboard to start making our factories. The assembly of our factories took a bit longer than we thought as the designs were quite complicated and sometimes took a few attempts to get them to stick. Finally, our models are structurally sound and now this week we can start decorating them. Stay tuned folks…img_1172img_1171 img_1170 img_1169 img_1168img_1166 img_1165 img_1164img_1163 img_1161 img_1160 img_1159 img_1158 img_1157img_1155 img_1154 img_1153