Eco Group planting at Union Square with Shopmobility.

Dylan, Kaylah, Amy and Owen went along with Mrs Bain to plant wild flowers at Union Square.  They took part in the Grow Wild challenge with Shopmobility. Union Square agreed to let Shopmobility plant their wildlife garden on the piece of land at Palmerston Road,

For those who don’t know about Shopmobility Aberdeen it is a charity based in Union Square whose aim is to increase independence, freedom, self-esteem and choice for people with disabilities.

It does this, in part, by providing use of wheelchairs, scooters, mobility aids and volunteer assistants.  Anyone aged 4 to 104 can (and do) use the services provided by Shopmobility Aberdeen no matter whether their mobility difficulty is temporary or permanent.  Each piece of mobility equipment offered by Shopmobility Aberdeen has the potential to provide 260 trips per annum, enabling the charity to give assistance to thousands of people and their families every year.

Shopmobility are our Business Partners.  We have worked in partnership with them in previous activities.