P7 Challenging Braehead’s Learners in P3 – It’s Maths Week!

P3 maths week challenge  This is our super fun fantastic maths challenge for the Primary 3 class!  Created by P7 pupils

P1/2 have been busy!

We made snakes that are the same height as us. We had to make patterns on them. They look fantastic! We went on a punctuation hunt around the school. We were…

Dragon nurserys

We have been doing lots of work for our topic, How to Train Your Dragon. All the young dragons stay in a nursery and we designed our own dragon nurserys….

Primary 1 – our first week of full days

Primary 1 are well underway on our letter learning journey. When we learn letters, we call them by their sound instead of their name. Many of our parents have said…

P1/2 at Techfest

We are having our snack before the show. We went to a show called The ball that wanted to float. We found out that things that have air inside them…