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P1/2 having fun for Maths Week!

We have been doing lots of fun activities for Maths Week. P 1 did some problem solving with Miss Grainger yesterday while P2 were doing an adding puzzle. Today P1…

P4/5’s Nogard

Today we were drawing Nogard and we had to write a description about the Nogard. Here are some pictures of our Nogards. Caitlyn H

P4/5 Maths Week challenge – created by P7

Hello P4/5, Have a look at the challenge we have created for you for maths week.  Give it a try – if you are stuck, ask for help!   By…

P7 Challenging Braehead’s Learners in P3 – It’s Maths Week!

P3 maths week challenge  This is our super fun fantastic maths challenge for the Primary 3 class!  Created by P7 pupils

P1/2 have been busy!

We made snakes that are the same height as us. We had to make patterns on them. They look fantastic! We went on a punctuation hunt around the school. We were…