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2017/2018 – Miss Granger

Another wonderful story read to P1/2 by a mummy.

Thank you Kirsty and Ethan for a lovely story today.

What a fantastic story we heard today in P1/2!

We were delighted today because Findlay’s mum Kerry read his favourite story to the class. It was very funny and rude! It was called The Dinosaur That Pooped A Planet….

We had a little visitor yesterday in P 1/2

Miss Grainger brought in some frog spawn from her garden. The frogs and toads have been singing for five nights now. The boys want to find a girlfriend and sing…

P1/2 had a story from Kayla and her mummy.

The story was called Chameleon’s Crazy Colours. It had a textured chameleon on the front cover. We really enjoyed it. Thank you Kayla and Kelly.  1/2

P1/2 Owl visit photos

Here are the photos from the owl visit. Sorry for the delay. Technical difficulties! Owls included… a barn owl, a snowy owl, a mottled owl, a European eagle owl, an…