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Another wonderful story read to P1/2 by a mummy.

Thank you Kirsty and Ethan for a lovely story today.

Red Nose Day at Braehead!

Red Nose Day has started off well ┬áthis morning at Braehead! Primary 7 have organised a bake sale and games in the hall for all the classes to attend. Primary…

What a fantastic story we heard today in P1/2!

We were delighted today because Findlay’s mum Kerry read his favourite story to the class. It was very funny and rude! It was called The Dinosaur That Pooped A Planet….

Stay and Play Baking (Morning Class)

The children had fun baking and decorating biscuits in preparation for their P1/Nursery Space Picnic. Max, Riley and Roxie enjoyed using lots of different icing colours to decorate their biscuits….

Stay and Play Baking in Nursery (Afternoon Class)

The afternoon children helped decorate biscuits for the morning nursery and Primary 1 Space picnic. The children had more fun eating the biscuits and icing rather than decorating them!